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Indie Pop's Figg Declare That "Jack Is the Pulpit" (premiere) by Jedd Beaudoin, June 10th 2020

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Figg are the Seattle duo consisting of Robin Peringer and Gilden Tunador, the former having played guitar with Modest Mouse, 764-HERO, Love as Laughter, the latter having been part of the spelling-challenged but aptly-named Carissa's Wierd. The pair have waited a decade to issue their self-titled debut, a record that was tracked, then shelved, then left to age like a fine cheese. It will come, kicking and screaming, into the world at last on 12 June.

"Jack is the Pulpit", the new single from that recording exemplifies Figg's Anglophile tendencies and their ability to synthesize said influences with ease and to emerge with a sound that is as fresh today as it would have been a decade ago. Peringer and Tunador add a little something extra to the musical mix with the single.

"We wanted to record a song with drum machines and also give a nod to the band Spiritualized, as Jason Pierce often sang rounds within his songs," notes Peringer. Tunador says she "has always loved singing rounds because there's something beautiful that transpires when one doe, you need another person with whom to sing along, and that creates a magical portal of song and connection. The concept of a round led to a play on words to create a song about finding connectivity and community in the world as a means of healing grief and keeping on."

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