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7 July 2020

“This song is a round. Figg wanted to record a song with drum machines and also give a nod to the band Spiritualized, as Jason Pierce often sang rounds within his songs,” says Robin Peringer of Figg about the band’s song “Jack Is The Pulpit.” The track is taken from the duo’s debut self-titled record, which was recorded ten years ago, but is only now seeing national release.

“I have always loved singing rounds because there’s something beautiful that transpires when one does—you need another person with whom to sing along—and that creates a magical portal of song and connection,” explains the band’s vocalist, Gilden Tunador. “The concept of a round led to a play on words to create a song about finding connectivity and community in the world as a means to healing grief and keeping on.”

“This is footage from our buddy Len Burge III who worked on our “Black Tar of Camden Yards” video,” Peringer says of the lyric video for the song. “He’s brilliant.”

Gilden continues, “We sent Len’s film with some notes over to Hector Gallardo at Subharmonic City Productions, who captured the essence of the song spectacularly in the editing. We wanted a visual and sonic reminder that everyone’s voice is an instrument at play in this living, breathing Earth’s 7.83 Hz symphony that’s floating in space; let’s come together and sing this space colony around the sun.”

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of the engaging lyric video for “Jack is the Pulpit” that revels in uplifting footage of nature, from ocean waves glistening in the sunset and deep blue skies with fluffy white clouds to green pines, alpine views, and bee pollinators, all part of the natural continuum of life here on Earth.

Link to article and video:

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