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NEW FIGG SINGLE: Needle in the Camel's Eye!

The song made a sunny premiere in the online magazine Surviving the Golden Age . According to writer Adam Morgan, "the fun comes across in the cover that keeps the same energy as the original but adds little unique flares like a xylophone melody and wobbly lead Eno’s 1973 classic a twee update."

For Figg's vocalist Gilden Tunador, the song's recording process was like "mixing your essence into an already powerful potion because Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera are genius, musical wizards and their magic was strong. Hopefully our version honors their work." As in the lyrics "All mysteries are just more needles in the camel's eye," and in real life when serendipity is at play,"why ask why"—it just so happened that Brian Eno announced the release of his first-ever collection of film and television music on the same day as Figg's release. How's that for some music magic?

As the StGA review states, Figg's version of Eno's song is an update, not an overhaul. Figg's Robin Peringer's thoughts on their new single are "it is fun to do a cover here and there but I never want to make it my own or alter the original too much. Getting pretty sick of a slowed down acoustic version of a pop song with a singer who sounds like they are about to cry with one exception, 'Mad World' from the Donnie Darko soundtrack, brilliant take on that song." Stay tuned for news on Figg's curated "Favorite Cover Songs" playlist on Spotify, where you will not here any crying—only good tunes!

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